Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been awhile, but been busy!

Welp...we're officially in the pre-deployment training phase of life. We had our first "pre-deployment brief" it was informative so I'm glad we went. This will be our 3rd deployment, but first 13 month one & first one to Afghanistan. I'm definitely not taking any family time for granted & while my husband has been busy starting all his training work ups, I've been busy taking care of our super cute kiddos, home & crocheting! :o))) I will try to blog a little more but we've been trying to get everything in order for our final walk-through from the house we moved out of so we can get our deposit back! :o))) YAY MONEY BACK! Can't complain about are some of my finished projects as of cute our my babies!? Yah...& me & the hubby! Ahhh...I love my life! :o)))

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Forgive my absence...we've been so busy moving & getting our new home put together. We love it...not sure how long we will be here since Paul is deploying for 13 months towards the end of this year. I might be staying out here with my kiddos or might be moving back home. Not real sure yet...I'll make my decision. But for now here we are & we love it! Can't complain about a place that is just about as big as before, but cheaper! I'm waiting for our internet to get connected...should be on the 11th! are some pictures of our new soon as our new bedroom set comes in I will take pictures of my room too! :o)))
My new table from Interior's so AHHHHMAZING! I love it...thanks baby!
Lana's Room
Kyler's Room