Thursday, February 25, 2010

Been awhile, but been busy!

Welp...we're officially in the pre-deployment training phase of life. We had our first "pre-deployment brief" it was informative so I'm glad we went. This will be our 3rd deployment, but first 13 month one & first one to Afghanistan. I'm definitely not taking any family time for granted & while my husband has been busy starting all his training work ups, I've been busy taking care of our super cute kiddos, home & crocheting! :o))) I will try to blog a little more but we've been trying to get everything in order for our final walk-through from the house we moved out of so we can get our deposit back! :o))) YAY MONEY BACK! Can't complain about are some of my finished projects as of cute our my babies!? Yah...& me & the hubby! Ahhh...I love my life! :o)))

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