Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just a little something I wrote.

I am a Marine Wife.

I prepare for & conquer deployments.

I am Mommy & Daddy to my children most of the time.

I dream of a vacation he can actually go on.

I count down days.

I sleep with my cell phone in my hand, just in case he calls.

I wear his dog tags & wedding ring around my neck as a reminder he is always close.

I cry myself to sleep sometimes.

I put a smile on my face, even though my heart hurts everyday.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The last 5 weeks...

Regimental Combat Team -1 (ADVON)
My Life!
Our beautiful family.
Uncle Matt, Daddy & Uncle Spencer.
Dear White Buses,
In case you are wondering ever military wife in America hates you.I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms again.
He is such an incredible Daddy!
One last kiss...So proud of him!There goes my life...So both our babies fell asleep & Paul wasn't able to give them one last hug...they literally woke up like 5 minutes before the buses took off so he was able to love on them through the window...& I balled...A LOT!
I set up my kiddos trampoline!!!
We've had LOTS of laughs!
We celebrated my nephew Ryan's 6th Birthday!!!
We celebrated my Momma's 45th Birthday!
I made her a super delicious homemade dinner & was wonderful!!!
My Room
Walk in closet...I haven't found the rest of my clothes!
My bathroom...yes, I love me some Zebra!
The kiddos/guest bathroom.
All the colors were on the walls when I moved in so I tried to work with them, cause I really don't want to paint.
Lana's little sign that Daddy HAD to buy her before he left!
Kiddo's room...they share one since Uncle Spencer is living with us.
Where the toys better believe I took those closet doors off so my kids didn't break them!
Laundry room...exciting, right?!
Dining room...I'm not fond of the green wall...I actually might paint it because it just doesn't match real well with my furniture or decor. favorite!!!
Isn't it gorgeous?! I love cooking here!!!
Living room
My couch fits...I actually looked at places that would NOT fit my couch!
Love the built-in entertainment area!
Back how big it is! Plenty of room for the kids to run around!!!
I started & finished a baby afghan!And...
So...overall we are doing well. We've had rough moments, days, nights & even weeks.
We are adjusting. We are trying.
We miss him everyday.