Friday, September 16, 2011

It's True.

My LoverBoy is home!!!
He has been home since August 16th.
He is OFFICIALLY on leave starting TODAY!
Life is still kinda crazy.
We are both still adjusting.
Our kids are adjusting.
13 months is a VERY long time.
I prefer to never do it again.
But if I must, I will!
I know I've changed a lot.
I know my LoverBoy has changed a lot.
Our kids have changed a lot.
I personally have been going through A LOT of changes even now.
Lots of doctor visits.
But I am on my way to being healthier.
I've learned the importance of not bottling everything up.
Everything from my childhood & on...
on me.
It was like I drank to much & vomited all over myself.
And then I didn't even know where to start to clean it up.
But with the help of doctors my mess isn't as messy!
I am dealing with everything one day at a time.
I was just diagnosed yesterday with some things I never thought I ever had.
But I'm learning to be okay with it, I have to be okay with it.
At first I felt like the person I have always been was a lie.
But I know it isn't.
I still have the same morals.
I still have the same beliefs.
I still have the same love for my husband & children.
I still am the same woman I have always been.
Just with a new challenge to adapt to & learn from.
I am WAY to strong to give up.
I am excited to see where life goes from here.
I start school next month.
I am going for medical transcription, billing & coding.
NO, it isn't my life dream.
But I get to stay at home with my gorgeous babies & still make money.
I was also offered to display my handmade crocheting items in a local store in the
Temecula Promenade Mall
Which is an amazing opportunity, that I am very excited about.
God has been good to us!
I am back.
I think.
My husband & children will still be coming first.
But I do miss blogging.
I miss letting everything out.
Or most everything.
I'm not ready to let EVERYTHING out yet.
I'm still afraid to be judged harshly for those who don't understand or that would even try to understand.
But I know one day I will be ready.
I look forward to following all your blogs again!!!