Sunday, August 15, 2010


We were all in the car, I was driving...
Paul & I got into a fight, I don't remember what it was over but he told me wanted to leave me, wanted a divorce.
I lost it for a moment, control of my thoughts, my emotions & of the steering wheel.
We were headed straight for a lake, I knew we were, going to crash into it,
I just screamed at Paul,
"Save our babies, PLEASE SAVE OUR BABIES!"
We entered the water, Paul got Kyler out & kept pushing him to the surface, I got Lana & finally grabbed Kyler & swam as hard & fast as I could.
We reach the surface & I can't see Paul anywhere...
I had to keep swimming to shore to save our babies, I couldn't go back down & find Paul.
Over & over again my mind thinking
"Where is he??! Please come up...PLEASE COME UP!!!"
Then I woke up...I looked at my sleeping husband & babies & lost it...
still having a hard time keeping back the tears.
I hate nightmares, they are much too real sometimes.

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Paula said...

Oh my goodness, this gave me chills. I too, hate nightmares, especially those that seem so real. I have awakened crying before too.