Saturday, June 26, 2010


(Listening to Daddy sing him Happy Birthday on the phone!)
(What a MESS!)
My Favorite Boy,
You've made my life so much more completely since the day I found out I was pregnant with you.
Even though you don' t know it yet, you've been here for me everyday since you came into my life.
I've been hurt by by some, loved by many & most importantly unconditionally loved from YOU! You are so incredibly special & I'm so thankful everyday that I get to see your smile in the morning & kiss you sweet face good night.
You are a dream come true.
You have so much to offer this world.
Don't EVER forget how much I truly love & adore you.
You are the reason I smile everyday, you are the reason I laugh everyday & sometimes even cry.
(Not in a bad way!)
You are growing up entirely too fast, won't you please stop?
I love you with all of my heart son!
You really are my Handsome Gift from God Kyler Matheu!
(In case you didn't know, Kyler is Gaelic & means "Handsome"
& Matheu [another form of Matthew] means "Gift from God
& we specifically picked his name by the meaning. [Alannah's too!])
(October 31, 2006 ~ FINALLY PREGNANT!)
(June 21, 2007 ~ Welcome to the World Kyler Matheu)
(HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY!)(He had 2 special first birthdays...we had to do 1 of them early so Daddy could be apart of it cause he was gone for pre-deployment training for his actual birthday.)(HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY!)


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Kyler!

Looks like the party was a success!

USMCWIFE said...

Happy Birthday Kyler. I am so proud you are a member of our Marine Family. You are special and not too many kids get to say their daddies are real life Superheros and sometimes that is why he has to be away on your special days. But remember like all Superheros he can send his love to you anywhere you are...
Have a great birthday Kiddo!

Gaile said...

Awww, happy birthday Kyler!

Tiffanie, I thought I was following you but somehow was not - I think I just fixed that (?)
And how did I NOT know that we're practically neighbors?!?!

We should do lunch sometime - something kid-friendly.

Also, we have a small group of military wives going wine tasting here in Temecula next week, not sure if you have someone available to watch your babies, but if you want in, email me and I'll get you the info! We're hoping to get to at least 2 wineries, maybe 3? (I'm designated driver, since I'm pregnant).

Kara said...

Hapy Birthday!! My little man just turned 5, which means kindergarten! I'm a fellow Marine wife now following you!