Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Arms = Jello

My arms are sooo super jello today!
I was invited to do a
on Facebook by Coach Anna Gray
She is my "soon to be" Beach Body coach once I get my P90X system.
If you are up to the challenge...JOIN IN!!!
I love having online support even when it comes to definitely gives me that extra push when no one is looking!
I really didn't think I'd be able to do 200 push ups in a day!
I'm not even going to lie...the last 30 where on my knees & I barely got them out...but I DID IT!
My arms are sooo dead tired...really my entire core hurts...but it's that good, I feel strong kinda hurt!
After losing all my weight, I was determined to get some muscles this I'm still well on my way...but I will do it!
If I can lose 80 lbs in a year after 2 pregnancies & c-sections back to back!
Which you can read about here!
I can & will do 6,000 push ups in a month!!!
I broke it down to 25/hour for 8 hours so it's completely attainable for me!
I'm so committed to doing this for myself that my alarm on my phone goes off every hour for 8 hours for the rest of the month so I don't forget amongst my normal everyday routines!
I'm will take some before bicep pictures & after so I can see how much my arms change!


Amy said...

That's awesome that you've lost so much! You look great! Now if only I could get on (and stay on) track with dieting, I'd be good too.

I definitely don't think I could do push-ups like that though!

Mel said...

Oh God! This brings back memories for when I was training for the Navy. I would set my phone alarm for reminders and I'd do 30 push-ups every hour until I went to bed. Yikes! It was a HUGE improvement, though. Keep it up - you look awesome!

Paula said...

You go girl! You look fabulous :)

Tiffanie said...

@ don't know til' you try!!! I didn't think I could do it either!!!
@Mel...I hope I get some serious muscles from neck & back are so freakin' tight...that's it!
@Paula...thank you so much!!! :o)))

Paula said...

Regarding your comment on my blog:
We are moving to Rhode Island. Can you imagine? I'll probably freeze to death! We will be living right on the water though, so I'm excited about that and experiencing a New England fall.
Let me know if you get orders to Hawaii. I can give you the 411!!

Kelli said...

Hi there, I just came across your blog and look forward to getting to know you more!! Awesome crochet work, I crochet too, although I am just learning! You are very talented! Super congrats on the weight loss too!! I have also lost an incredible amount of weight in the past year, almost 80lbs now. Anyway, nice to meet!!

Nikki D said...


The Household 6 Diva said...

That is some SERIOUS push-ups girl!

How about I just happily volunteer to be your cheerleader? :)

Go Tiffanie! Go!

Reina said...

Awesome!! You are so motivating!