Saturday, June 5, 2010

A day in my life.

So yesterday morning started fairlyI was delightfully woken up by my son throwing a fit in MY bed, still have no idea why...but seriously waking up to
is never a good start to an early morning!

So I get up & start my routine...Lana was still asleep so I checked my email & facebook, text LoverBoy, etc...shortly after Lana woke up & as I'm washing my face I can hear my using my bed as a trampoline after I had just made it!
So much for that...I tell them if you fall it isn't my faultThey finally calm down & I get in the kitchen to start breakfast. Simple enough, right?! NOT!
My daughter's most favorite snack is
& I put them inso I don't haveall over my carpet & it's a really easy snack for when we go jogging!
But now my daughter thinks that whenever she wantsshe can go get into the&all over the floor...& give me attitude when I ask her to pick them up.

So...after cleaning up all theI finish making my destructiconswhich is their most favorite thing for breakfast!
I make myself(((Vodka not included)))
Then I notice...Yes, a love letter from LoverBoy, which totally made my morning sooo much better! He really is so good to me! I'mby him in all the right ways!!!

Welp...Lana is only 18 months old so she is still learning to feed her self correctly with aso by the end of breakfast she looks like but thankfully Kyler eats without making a total mess now
I then get my destructicons dressed, did thein my dress & heels while Kyler & LanaI then go to my room to get dressed & come back out to
all over the living room.
I make Lana clean them up this time & get my destructicons into thewe headed to theso we can sendto Amy for winning my very first Giveaway, another order & a (late...opps) birthday present for my BFF.
We then go toso
can beI thoroughly enjoy my Caramel Frappuchino Light with sugar~free caramel & extra caramel drizzle while my destructicons enjoy their snacks & juice. Then we, by that I mean I pushed 65 lbs worth of destructicons & their stroller, proceeded to walk 4 miles. I also managed to get 125 in throughout my day.While we were on our 4 mile walk,aka Creepy McCreeper who likes women with tattoos hit on me & apparently thought that by hitting on me at the stop light & then circling around the very large block for the last 2 miles of my walk would flatter me enough to give him my number! Ummm...not so much! After I made sure Creepy McCreeper wasn't around I made my way into our apartment complex & inside safely. Of course I had LoverBoy on the phone with me since Creepy McCreeper with his super hot white framed "I'm a tool!" stunna's in his "I'm a pimp!" pearly white, out of state plated Cadillac Escalade ended up circling me 4 times...yes, 4 times!!!
By then my destructicons were sleeping so I& didOf course my destructicons woke up so I put on a movie for them while Iuntil LoverBoy got home.
Then went out to dinner with a friend for our favoriteAfter dinner we headed to the Dollar Tree because Kyler is currently obsessed with Spiderman & keeps asking for Spiderman puzzles so since LoverBoy works all weekend & I won't have the truck we took him shopping for puzzles!P.S. Don't take bored Marines to the Dollar Tree! ;o)))Just a simple day in the life of...



Paula said...

Too cute! I'm so impressed by what you can get done with two little ones, especially the exercise part. I have no distractions, other than life, and I absolutely do not exercise unless I force myself.
Next time McCreepy wants to hit on you, tell him your husband is a trained killer... I love that line :)
Thanks for the tip on Ikea. I completely forget about that company because they won't ship to Hawaii and I've been here so long. I can't wait to be back to "normal" !!
Have a great day

Mel said...

ha ha. Apparently great minds think alike since we posted similar posts today! Although mine involved less kiddos and more studying! :)

allissa said...

I love the picture post! Also, I'm a little jealous of how productive you are with two little ones, I need to take a page from your book!

USMCWIFE said...

Very creative, and it always stuns me how your kids look like a little version of you and your
Creepy Creeperson should know your hubs can kill him a few different ways..dumb a**

Kelli said...

Baaahahahaha, that was hilarious!!! Way to dodge Mr Creepy =) What a cute idea!!