Thursday, June 17, 2010


I'm half way finished!
I can't believe it...well I can because my arms hurt like...
your arms would hurt if you did 3,000 push ups!
I'm 2 days behind...I was more but I caught up on most of them!
Life's been busy as you can tell from my lack of blogging...lame...I know. Forgive me?
To finish on time I will have to do 230.769230 per day!
LMBO is me now half way!
Be honest...can you tell a difference from when I first started?I kinda just think my shoulders look more defined?!??


A Marine's Wife! said...

you look great!

A Marine's Wife! said...

and ps. I'm in love with your tattoos

Renee said...

Okay...I know jealous is not a flattering trait....but I am soooo overly jealous! You look!! I can't do ONE pushup...much less phathom hitting 3000!
Great job!!

Kelli said...

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Have a great weekend!!!