Saturday, June 19, 2010

Days 14 & 15

Day 14 - a non-fictional book
Ummm...I don't know...seriously...I can't recall a non-fictional book that I've read at the moment except the Bible!

Day 15 - a fanfic

I don't even know what this means...fanfic?!?

Well that was fun! Here is something more exciting to look at!
It'sa Cinch!


USMCWIFE said...

Left you something on my blog

USMCWIFE said...
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Anonymous said...

You don't know what a fanfic is? Haha. It's a story written by fans of a story, with the characters in it. Like a "spin off" of Twilight or Harry Potter or something. XD

Coming by to let you know that I had you on a milspouse list, and I'm transferring over to a new plug-in version where you link yourself up. If you'd like to put your site up stop by: