Monday, December 12, 2011

In this moment

I stole this idea from Amber
I am....

Watching: My 3 & 4 year old drink their hot chocolate & giving themselves chocolate mustaches....with Pokoyo on TV.

Eating: Nothing...ate REAL oatmeal meal with my babies! First time I've made it in daughter gagged...I guess she likes the instant better.

Drinking: Water...just about everything else makes me throw up with this Transformer in my belly!
YEP...we're expecting baby number 3 & I'm currently 12 weeks!!!
I'm due June 27th...hoping to have a (repeat) csec on my Mema's 73rd birthday...June 23!
Lana just turned 3 on November 18th & Kyler will be 5 on June as long as they don't have the SAME birthday...I'll be glad!
& YES...we do have names picked out...

Wearing: Bright yellow tank top, gray sweat capri's & white socks...super cute! BAHAHA

Avoiding: The mess in my sink from making homemade chicken enchilada's last night!

Feeling: Barfy...very common lately.

Missing: My family in NorCal & my bestest girlfriends! :o)))

Thankful: For my kiddos (& our new one on the way!)...they are making me laugh...they are playing
(of course only in their underware because they "HATE wearing clothes!"...& I'm NOT kidding!)
"house" with their toys & it's so stinkin' cute!
Lana: "I'm the Mommy & I said it's time to go to bed!"
Kyler: "I'm the Daddy & I say if you don't be quite & go to bed you're gonna have problems."
Lana: "Tinkerbell are you ready to listen?!"
I have no idea where they hear those things from...

Weather: 48 degrees & raining like crazy...supposed to have thunder storms tonight! I LOVE IT!!!

Needing: To finish crocheting & sewing a few more Christmas gifts!

Thinking: About all the yarn I need to stock up on...I'm even out of white & black!

Loving: That my family is growing & that I'm so blessed with such beautiful children & such a supportive husband! He is so good to me & always puts me first & that our life together just keeps getting better! :oDDD

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Goodnight moon said...

We both did it! *doing the happy dance!!!!!

Girl....look at your adorable baby bump!!!!! So stinkin cute!!!!!