Thursday, November 15, 2012


Wow...just shy of a year & I'm actually typing.
This past year has brought HUGE changes for us...
great changes!
We found Fusion Christian Church in Murrieta, CA shortly after LoverBoy returned from deployment number 3. We we're confused, empty, lost & living for ourselves.
We knew something had to change, so we rededicated our lives to God 
(we we're both raised in homes with "religion") but we knew we wanted it to go beyond just going to church on Sundays.
We we're baptized as a couple in April of this year while I was still pregnant at Oceanside Beach, California. It was an amazing day & we've never once looked back to the people we once were!
We have an incredible church family, that is so supportive & love us & our kiddos!
Typing of kiddos, that reminds me...I should introduce our newest addition.
 Drostyn Micaiah
June 18, 2012
7 lbs 14 oz - 19 inches long
I'm so proud to be the Mommy to these 3 kiddos.
I honestly can't believe that I'm old enough to have a child in school...
Yep, our oldest Kyler started Kindergarten this year!
So handsome! His first progress repost stated from Mrs. Vender @ The Keegan Academy (thee BEST school in Temecula!) 
"Kyler is such a great listener & is a joy to have in class!"
I was in tears to say the least, he really is quite the young man these days.
Always a helping hand with his younger sister & brother! 
Our daughter, Lana, will be 4 years old this Sunday.
I still remember the day I had her, being on the phone with my LoverBoy all the way in Iraq the entire c-section so he could hear her being born. It was one of the best experiences of my life & I know I'm a stronger wife & mother because of it.
Our son Drostyn, has had a crazy 5 months of life...but he is so sweet & such a blessing!
I thought I was done having kids...I really didn't want another one but God knew we needed him to be complete!
He was recently diagnosed after a couple months of intestinal chaos with Allergic Gastroenteritis & Colitis, MSPI & GERD.
He is finally on the correct formula & is no longer bleeding from inflammation of his intestines. They are still a little angry & he is still going through some testing to figure out why...but until then he has definitely improved from where he was weeks after he was born & I know God will continue to provide for & keep him healthy & growing!
My LoverBoy is currently going through MCIS at Camp Pendleton.
He has been in school a little over 5 weeks now & has done amazing so far...very proud of him! He is set to graduate on December 11, 2012 & should pick up his first class of Marines shortly after Christmas leave. We're hoping & praying this b-billet helps him pick up Ssgt like he needs in order to stay in the Marine Corps...but in the end it is all up to God & his will for our lives. Where ever he wants us, we will go!
I've starting "officially" doing photography, I've studying & trying different techniques by watching videos, reading books, etc. on my own for the last 6 years & used my kiddos as my models! After being asked by several friends to take their family portraits, then being told I need advertise to get paid, I did it! Tiffanie LeAnne Photography is all I have for now...I'm hoping to start a website soon! For now I'm doing it to help make ends meet with this crazy economy & I'm building my clientele. I had a "real" job & loved it...but with all Drostyn's medical needs & having to find child care for 2 kiddos under 5, I was paying to go to work!
So crocheting & photography it is! I've done several families, a couple for the Marine Corps Ball (pictured above) & next month I'll be doing some work at Coronado Naval Base in San Diego!
VERY EXCITING!!!'s nice to blog again!
you should DEFINITELY check out an AMAZING blog I found & totally fell in love with it & it's really helped me with reading the Bible...

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