Monday, April 12, 2010

Blessings in Disguise

Sorry I've been completely MIA lately. My husband has been on the range last week & this on top of us both going to bed early (so nice)...he has been super sleepy! Welp...Friday he fell asleep at the wheel on his 45 mile drive to work. He works in Camp Horno on Camp Pendleton which is out by I-5 & we live way more inland off the I-15 in Temecula (LOVE IT HERE). Well on top of waking up at 5am to my son having a messy case of diarrhea, I got a phone call 15 minutes later from Paul saying he had been in an accident. So after making absolutely, positively sure that he wasn't hurt, neck, back, shoulder...etc. I started figuring out our finances for this next paycheck since we have a $500 I looked at our old Verizon bill & apparently they haven't gotten the cable boxes or router yet so I see a bill for $268 & about croaked & not gonna lie totally bursted into tears! But I got it all figured out & the charges were fixed...blah, blah, blah! Our Jetta ended up getting towed to San Clemente to a State Farm (our insurance co) approved shop because it was un-drivable. We got a call today saying they are pretty sure it's totaled. That right there was our blessing in disguise! At first we were so upset about all this mess, rearranging out finances to come up with the $500 for our deductible...but between obviously having full coverage & gap insurance if the car is totaled they will pay our loan off & that's one (pretty big) less payment that I have to worry about while my husband is deployed! It's not like I need 2 vehicles while he is gone it's extra $$$ in savings or towards our truck to get it paid off! :o))) He leaves in about 4 months & has at least a months worth of training (one of them being 21 days up at Bridgeport, CA) & then 2 weeks of pre-deployment really we're only looking at about 2 months worth of gas in our gas hog...not too bad! God was really looking out for Paul...he did tell me that if he wrecked about 10 feet further he would have been in a heart sank when all those thoughts went through my head. On another good note...Kyler had his doctor appointment this morning & we will be getting a call from Dr. Carvalho's surgery coordinator to get him in for surgery within the next month & a's been a long process (October 09 is when he was diagnosed with OSA) but it's been worth it. He will have to stay over night at Rady's just to be sure he will have no bleeding complications, but I'm glad they are doing everything on the more cautious side! Dr. Carvalho also decided today that he without a doubt needs tubes put in his ears as well...apparently enlarged adenoids have a huge effect on your ears & his are completely full of fluid...but he is well on his way to getting healthier...I will be so glad when he gets his tonsils & adenoids removed & the tubes put in his ears & we can finally say he doesn't suffer from Obstructive Sleep Apnea any longer! :o)))

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Paula said...

Oh my goodness you've had a rough week! I'm so glad your husband is ok. You can't ever discount those blessings in disguise. I hope it all works out sharing a car and getting your little one his surgery.