Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh my little sickies!

(Even with pink eye...still pretty as ever)

I hate it when my babies are sick, I hate it even more when I'm sick along with them. My daughter woke up yesterday with some eye boogers in her right eye...I didn't think anything of it. I just wipe her eye out after I changed her diaper & we went about our day. I also noticed my son is having a harder time sleeping these last couple nights & even during his naps. He has stopped breathing a lot more causing him to wake he has been even more cranky than normal. Luckily his surgery got scheduled for May 14th...anyways...this morning my Lana Bear woke up again with her eye gunked shut! :o(((
Of course today is the day it's going to I couldn't walk the kiddos to the doctors so I didn't even bother making an appointment (remember the hubby totaled the car, so now were doing the 1 car thing)...thankfully my hubby got off a little early...she has pink eye, in both eyes! I'm not sure where she got it cause she hasn't been around any kids that have had it...I guess maybe on a grocery cart...who knows?! She's pretty miserable! The Tylenol & eye drops are helping but she's scratching her poor little eyes out. I'm praying Kyler doesn't get it too...but trying to keep them separated is a joke...I'm more worried about the terrible, deep cough he woke up with this morning. I'm so worried that it's going to get worse before it gets better & I don't want his surgery to be put off any longer...especially because Paul will be home from Bridgeport two days before to be here for his surgery, he has to stay overnight so they can watch his bleeding. It's amazing how much his behavior changes when he gets enough sleep...I hate Obstructive Sleep Apnea...with a passion! I never would have known how much it can affect a child without going through it first hand...along with all the x-rays, CT scans & other tests they've ran on him...he is terrified every time we go to Rady Children's Hospital because he thinks they are going to hurt him...but they've really been wonderful to our family!
I will be so glad when these days are behind us!
I'm sure whatever it is that Kyler has, I have as well. I woke up with a sexy man voice, my throat burning & swollen, my head full of pressure, my ears pounding & my nose running...perfect! :o)))
Oh well...we'll get much for me getting the 300 loads of laundry done! Tomorrow is a new day...I just hope it's a tidier one!
On a great note my son is so incredibly smart...I bought him some preschool books the other day & we finally got them out today & started working on them...I wasn't even aware that he knew some of the stuff in the books. He has a harder time pronouncing a lot of words because of how enlarged his tonsils are but for being 2 1/2 he actually talks pretty I'm glad I invested in the "Your Baby Can Read" set...he has always loved doing it & now Lana does too! I think it's made a huge difference in the way he processes things. I watch his eyes & I swear his mind goes 10,000 miles a minute! I really think we have a little genius on our hands...he started doing 25 (medium) piece puzzle a few months ago all on his own! We're not around a lot of other kids his age much so I don't know if he is ahead or behind but I think he is
brilliant!!!Here is one of the pages he did all on his own that I had NO IDEA he would know!
He loves being praised...I kept telling him "GOOD JOB KYLER!" & he would say back when I would cut the pieces for him "GOOD JOB MOMMY!" It was so sweet!


Reina said...

Awesome pics!

I left a bloggy award for you on my blog!

A Marine's Wife! said...

Poor babies! Feel better!