Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Military Spouses

I just registered at http://www.milspouse.com/. I've just started reading some of the online articles & I'm so excited about this site! They have so much that I can tell is going to be very helpful for myself for my families next deployment & our everyday military life in general. I just wanted to share the site for all the military spouses who feel they could use a little more encouragement & support...especially while their husband's are deployed! Hope you all enjoy the site as much as I do! :o)))

Here is a little Daily Tip they have on the site...to spark your interest...

Keep the mystery alive.
Glue a picture of yourself to a jigsaw puzzle and cut it out in the shape of the pieces or have one made on a photo website. Send him a piece or two each day. He'll love the anticipation of putting you all together!

Right?! How fantastic is that!

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