Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I want it Wednesday

I've been telling my husband I really want a Dodge...I surprised him with his Dodge Ram when he came home from his last deployment, I even got an exhaust put on it & now it has an auto-start/alarm Viper system...which he loves! We're planning on getting him a bike when he gets home from this next deployment because it will help us save on gas since he drives 45 miles one way to work. Sure we could move closer but we love it here & are "planning" on buying a home here after he returns too. So right now I drive the truck & he drives our Jetta back & forth to work. Even though I drive the truck...that's his baby...I want my own!
I really, really, really want a black Dodge Magnum
***hint, hint, my birthday is Friday, My Love***
HAHA...just kidding...I know we couldn't afford the gas back & forth in either a Magnum or a for now I will be patient & keep dreaming of the day I will get my Magnum.


USMCWIFE said...

Nice..maybe can dream.

Tiffanie said...

Yes...I will have my baby one day! But I'm in no rush! ;o)))