Friday, May 7, 2010


Just a simple poem I wanted to share. I wrote it during our 2nd deployment, while I was pregnant with Alannah & chasing after our handsome little boy! :o)))
Guess it's just a little insight with words some of the emotions a wife goes through while her husband is deployed. This is one of the ways I cope while my husband is deployed...I write! all you fantastic Military Wives (& husbands)...I truly do appreciate you! I'm so thankful for all the ones that have come into my life, even in bloggerland!
You all are so great in all your own ways & I know that when the time comes & my husband leaves for this next deployment we are preparing for, you all will be here waiting with kind words & wonderful support!
So much Love to all of you beautiful wives!!!

I Miss

I miss watching our son run to you all across the floor.
I miss the smile that was on his face when you walked through the door.
I miss our conversations & even our silly fights.
I miss the way you gaze at me that makes me feel alive.
I miss the moments of laughter that money will never buy.
I miss the way you held my belly until you felt her move.
I miss all the happiness our smiles go to prove.
I miss walking hand in hand with you all over town.
I miss your passionate kisses when I'm feeling down.
I miss your wonderful support all those long hard days.
But I'm blessed with your unconditional love even so far away.

Written By: Tiffanie Goad
I love this Man, I chose this Life, I'm proud to be his Marine Wife!


Amber said...

Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day!!! Thank YOU for all YOUR services! Your a sexy HOT Marine wife...who holds down the fort for your hubs! He would not be the Marine that he is, if it weren't for you taking care of the homefront!

Love the poem by the way!!!!!

Skinnie Piggie said...

That's a great poem... =)