Thursday, May 6, 2010


Sorry I've been slacking on the bloggage!
My hubby ran off to Bridgeport with a bunch of...ya know,
moto Marines
to do some training for a few weeks.
I go to talk to him on Wednesday & he is having a blast, which is great! If you are away from family for pre-deployment training you might as well have a good time! He said the training has been good & he think it will be helpful for his upcoming deployment...that's always comforting to hear!
Anyways...while he has been playing with guns"training",
I went up to Santa Clarita with my kiddos to spend more time with my girlfriend, Natalie (going to miss her). She is getting ready to move to! I'm happy for her cause she's excited to be closer to one of her best friends which is always nice when you are moving to a new place!
We spent time watching our kiddos play together, shopping, laid out by the pool, took the kids horseback riding at her mother-in-laws ranch, watched movies &
ate entirely too much ice cream, if there is such a thing! :o)))
Kyler has such a blast...this was the second time he has gone riding & he did so well.
Lana loved it too...this was her first time, she kept getting so excited she'd start sliding in the saddle. Every time she'd get overly happy about riding Billy she would throw her hands & arms in the air & shake them as hard as she could!
It was so super cute to watch my babies have such a wonderful time!
One day...we will own our own horses, right babe?! :o))) are some of my favorite pictures from our week in Santa Clarita & Agua Dulce!

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Amy said...

The pictures are SO cute!

And I know what you mean about the training being worth-while. Unfortunately, my husband hasn't felt the same about his last month at the mob site - and it's made it that much harder.