Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Sweet Boy

Where to even start?! Well...most of you probably don't know what's been going on with my son because I didn't have a whole lot of followers when I blogged about it here. A lot has changed since I wrote that blog. He had more blood drawn since then to check for Leukemia because his bleeding time test came back abnormal, it turns out he didn't have Leukemia or Lupus but still possible VWD. Kyler was scheduled to have his surgery this Friday, ya know, just in time for Paul to be home to help me take care of the kiddos for the weekend. They were going to be removing his tonsils, adenoids & putting tubes in his ears because 3 weeks ago when we went to his ENT his ears were full of fluid. On Sunday when I woke up he was in bed with me...which is common for him because he wakes up when Paul is home & getting ready to leave for work, I don't mind it, it's kinda nice to fall back asleep to my precious boy...anyways...he definitely doesn't wake up with unexplained bruises that look like road rash! I have NO CLUE what happened & that slightly terrifies me. My best guess is that he fell out of his bed & scraped himself on the wood frame? Here is the bed he has, so it makes sense...well at least it's the only thing I can think of.
He sleep walks too, but there is nothing inside my house that could really give him bruises like these & I definitely wouldn't have thought something like falling off his bed would cause a bruise like this!
How it got underneath where is diaper is, is beyond me?! He only wore a diaper to bed because he unclothes himself all the time...so when he fell asleep on the couch with me, rather than waking him up (we don't wake a sleeping Kyler with OSA up, if we don't have too) & putting his jammies back on him, I laid him in his bed, prayed with him & covered him up.
Monday morning when he woke up with the bruises, vomiting & feeling really hot (my thermometer broke & I forgot to get a new one...kudos for Mommy...I think NOT), so as soon as his doctors office opened I was on the phone to get an appointment for that afternoon. We were seen at 11:50, I was told that he wasn't allowed to have ANY MEDS the week of his surgery because of his "possible" bleeding disorder (cause the pictures above aren't proof of that), he already has to stay over night so they can monitor his bleeding. So his doctor sent over a prescription for anti-nausea dissolving pills so he could at least keep fluids down. His temp read 98.6 when they took it, I still believe it was wrong...but whatever. Welp...Monday night about 9:30ish I ended up in Urgent Care with him, he fell asleep in my bed while I was attempting to attack my load of laundry that needed put away & he started jerking & shaking in his sleep. I called my Mom & sent her a video of him, just to make sure I wasn't being a crazy, paranoid Mommy & she said she would definitely take him in. I knew that without meds his temp wouldn't be going down anytime soon & I didn't want him to go into full blown febrile seizures. He was BURNING HOT! I dropped Lana off at my girlfriends house & rushed over to Urgent Care & they got us in a room asap because he was still shaking quite a bit. He was only in a diaper (remember he undresses himself a lot) with his "Momo" wrapped around him, his temp was 102.3 so they gave him Tylenol & started checking him over. As soon as they tried to check his ears he freaked out, which is what he did earlier in the day with his doctor. I held him still so they could look & he had a ton of wax build up so the did an Ear Lavage on both ears as I held him down laying on top of me belly up with his legs inside of mine, holding his arms down with one of my arms & the other hand holding his head still. The left ear ended up bleeding, he told me when it happened, his doctor still doesn't know if it's punctured or it was just scraped because when he checked his ears at his follow up this morning...all he could see was a scab on his ear drum. PERFECT! He ended up just getting the Ear Lavage & a shot of antibiotics because they (Urgent Care) "thinks" he has a full blown bacterial infection, from having an ear infection for so long. At first I was angry that his doctor & ENT specialist missed this whole wax build up/ear infection issue, but when I talked to his doctor today he hasn't had an ear infection, he hasn't complained of any ear pain, no fever, NOTHING...this all just happened out of the blue. I understand why he didn't do anything like an Ear Lavage for the wax build up since he was getting tubes in his ears anyways. And now that it has been done, it's created even MORE PROBLEMS! Just what he needs...
I called his ENT today after his appointment & let him know what happened. The biggest concern is his fever, because they will not put him under anesthesia with a fever of any kind, the ear drum will have to be looked at after he goes under to see if it needs more time to heal or not. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that his fever goes away by Friday & he can still at least have his tonsils & adenoids removed...he needed this surgery back in OCTOBER!!! He has waited in pain long enough! I'm sick of seeing him hurt!
He is keeping down liquids today & hasn't been vomiting, so that's good news. He still feels warm, but not burning hot so I've been keeping up with the Tylenol. He has been startling awake A LOT more & I'm not sure why. I've just been keeping a very close eye on him. I'm just praying that his fever goes away so he can still have his surgery on Friday.

Trying to bring his temp down.
He was so miserable.
The foam is from the Hydrogen Peroxide solution that is used for the Ear Lavage to break up the wax.
Taking a little break from holding him down, just for them to put the solution in. He was screaming in pain. You can tell how awful it was just by his poor face! :o(((
All done with the Ear Lavage & his shot in his butt. After he got his shot he saw the needle & told the doctor "No more tattoo butt!"
The wax build up that came out of either ear. It was about twice the size before they started.
Quite disgusting, I had no idea this was even possible! I hope neither of us have to experience this EVER again!
Finally sleeping.
These are just pictures of the Petechiae that he got from crying & screaming in pain, he literally got all of this in a matter of minutes!


USMCWIFE said...

So sorry your baby has to go through that and sorry you have to witness it. I know as a mother you would do anything to stop his pain even taking it yourself. I really hope they can come up with a plan to get this little boy on the track to being well 100%. Thanks for my award by the waym it was very sweet.

A Marine's Wife! said...

Poor baby :(
And can I just say have that same bed and I am constantly getting bruises on my legs. It's AWFUL!

Skinnie Piggie said...

Awww, I hope he gets better soon!

Birdie said...

Oh lady, this seriously broke my heart. I hate seeing kids in pain, and his poor little face is too much! He's officially on the Birdie family prayer list:)

Amy said...

I hope you guys find a solution soon! It's horrible seeing your child in pain and not being able to do anything. We'll be praying for you!

kaitlin johnston said...

Wow .. That's so sad :( my brother used to get horrible inner ear infections when he was younger .. Woke up screaming in the middle of the night and countless trips to redi med at 2am .. It's heartbreaking to see babies having to go through all that pain . I'll be praying for Kyler :)