Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snow Camo - Hawk Rawker

Just some pictures of my infamous "Hawk Rawker" I just finished.
I've been taking a break from my crocheting lately with everything I've had going on but my needle is back in my hand & my balls of yarn are dwindling away! :o)))
I'm so VERY proud of this pattern. I created it myself. I had the idea to make it & saw it in my head.
So I did a little research online & found Knit-Head.
They charge an average of about $125.00 per hat, although they have some pretty great details in their patterns that I don't quite have down yet, I just think paying that much for something I know isn't too hard to make is just OUTRAGEOUS!
So I knew I just had to figure it out! I don't know the first thing about knitting, but I knew I'd be able to crochet this.
After a couple attempts I perfected it & a lot of friends & family have absolutely loved it!
So my hard work has paid off!

I've been honored to make one for my mother in laws girlfriend who has been going through chemo & for obvious reason is expanding her hat collection.

Another set for Nolan (& his Daddy) who is currently battling Acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

I was able to make a set for my girlfriends nephews as a Christmas present, some hard rockin' boys themselves ~ Jonathan Davis' (lead singer from Korn) 2 youngest sons.
If you want to see all my other creations please feel free to visit my facebook fan page.

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Renee said...

Love the new style!! I love o crochet too!