Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surgery is finally done!

Isn't he the CUTEST?! If only our morning started out this good!
This was taken with my phone while we were waiting to be called back so they could get all his vitals.
This was more like the start of our was not a good morning.
Kyler woke up on the WRONG side of the bed & was very GRUMPY as you can tell from his face. It was a fight just to get him in his carseat. He did not sleep well at all!
Going to drop off LanaBear
He wasn't tired at all!
Awee...I had to get a picture of his first pair of shoes hanging in Daddy's truck! I need to find Lana's & put one of each up! :o)))
Headed into the Hospital
Time for vitals...
Ready to go...but in the mean time he wanted to play & made a couple new friends! I didn't take pictures cause that may have been weird for other parents.
Having a blast!
Surgery got pushed back an hour...thank goodness we remembered his games! He loves his Nintendo DS "The Backyardigans" game.
Waiting in yet another room for the anesthesiologist...I cannot believe he passed out like this on the floor!
Weird...where have I heard this before?!?
Still waiting...
No we didn't leave him there! LOL
Finally in recovery...we had to wait an hour after his surgery to see him because it took him awhile to wake up. I finally just told the nurses that were calling other parents back I wanted to see my child! I was escorted to him about 2 minutes later. :o)))
My favorite boy!
We tried to get him to eat the popsicle but he ended up just falling asleep in it.
In his room & the horrible cage crib that he absolutely hated!
Are you sure?!He was so over the cage crib that he wouldn't go back in it. Everytime I tried he woke up & attempted to wasn't happening.
Even Daddy tried...still wasn't happening!
He wanted Daddy to get in it with him...
So we asked if we could please have a normal bed so we all could get some rest! They read us the rules about having a toddler in an adult bed & reminded us that if he fell out they were not reliable...he wasn't going anywhere with all the meds in his system. Not a problem...bring us a bed!

Finally drinking fluids the next morning, they didn't want to wake him up in the middle of the night to give him his meds...not sure why but he woke up in sooo much pain as you can tell from the picture below! He got meds at 8pm & then not again until 9am the next morning. I don't think I'd be trying to drink or eat anything either! His last nurse told us it's easier to prevent than to treat so to stay on top of all his meds as prescribed.

His HR was a little crazy throughout the night from the anesthesia...dropping anywhere from 60-45, his alarms were going off all night! But overall everything went well & he is now (fingers crossed) on his way to recovery. He has a check up in 4 weeks! He has been sleeping like a CHAMP!
He hasn't been awake before 8am & has only gotten in our bed one morning since we got home from the hospital. It's been wonderful to sleep through out the entire night...for all of us!


Skinnie Piggie said...

Oh wow, what an experience! I hope he's doing WAAAAAAAAAAAY better now =)

Reina said...

What a strong boy and wonderful parents. The picture of you holding him is SO precious! I love it!